Eye in the Sky Episodes 11 to 15 thoughts

I’m being good this week and started writing this post less than an hour after I finished watching episode 15. But it doesn’t mean I was excited about this week’s ‘cliffhanger’. There wasn’t one! This show has been spoiling us so much I’m starting to

Eye in the Sky Episodes 6 to 10 thoughts

There is SO SO SO much I want to say about Week 2 (episodes 6 to 10) of Eye in the Sky I don’t even know where to start. This series is fast paced, intense and I’m officially addicted. Having two good looking guys in

Eye in the Sky Episodes 1 to 5 thoughts

When you say ‘TVB series’ nowadays, the response tends to be – well, not so complimentary things. Whether it’s the low budget, or the recycled plots, or a bunch of newbies with questionable acting skills, or the same few people singing the theme songs… I

Dear Mom Episodes 1 to 25 thoughts

Since I was away a few weeks ago, I’m now WAYYYYY behind on Dear Mom (我的寶貝四千金), SETTV’s currently airing daily drama. I don’t usually watch Taiwanese daily dramas, because they are normally over 70 episodes and they adopt a shoot-as-you-air format. Scenes we’re watching tonight

New Year, New Theme!

The last time we changed themes around here was over a year ago! Although I like the previous one a lot (it might’ve been love at first sight! LOL) but it’s time for a change right? Looking at it now though, it’s not all that