Hello there! Still in holiday mode tho

October went by pretty quickly, especially when I spent 2 weeks of it in Hong Kong and a week in Taiwan. I didn’t watch any dramas by the way (I may have watched 1 episode of Captain of Destiny and finished re-watching Moonlight Resonance) so I’m

Farewell HKTV Dramas, thanks for the memories (Part 1)

Last week, HKTV’s last to air drama Paranormal Mind (開腦儆探) aired its final episode. With production halted indefinitely due to the high costs and lack of a free-to-air licence, most of their contracted actors and crew have now moved onto other endeavours. It’s really sad

Dear Dad, Happy Fathers Day

I have no doubt this is the toughest post I will ever write. Or should I say, toughest anything I will write. Today is Fathers’ Day in some parts of the world. In Australia, it’s in September but in Hong Kong, where I originally came