[Now Filming] Web drama Le Jun Kai (乐俊凯) – last update 10 April

10 April 2013 – Le Jun Kai is now in post production! No confirmed release date yet but it will be “soon”.

14 March 2013 -Some great new photos released from Le Jun Kai’s official weibo and this blog!!! (Especially the 2nd pic!!!)


10 March 2013 – Le Jun Kai finished filming already (so quick!) and it has been reported there will be 7 episodes of 15 minutes each. It will be released in the first half of this year! :)


2 March 2013 – Has the drama finished / almost finished filming already??? There needs to be more news about this…. argh.


1 March 2013 – I love it how there’re updates everyday on how filming in progressing :) The first pic – a scene where Le Jun Kai abuses Ye Zi…. I know…. we really SHOULD NOT glorify domestic violence, but seriously – let’s all treat this as just a bit of escapism entertainment?


28 February 2013 – Only one pic from today, there’re a few others but since their quality is not too good I will just post the official one of P & J. :)



27 February 2013 – So many pics today!!! The first pic Peter posted on his weibo is OMG! Gangster Peter is rather intriguing I must admit :D :D


26 February 20133 more filming pics posted today, OMG so much love for the first pic of Peter & Janine – how cute are they! Can’t wait to see HD stills tomorrow!!!!




25 February 2013 - To be honest, I’m worried that I’m looking forward to this way too much. But gees, look at these filming pics posted on various weibos today. Peter as a gangster! Janine looking all sad with Tian Tian (their child in the series). WHEN IS THIS COMING OUT!!


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